After Hours Pickups & Drop Offs

After Hours Pickup:

After hours service is available upon request, your rental vehicle will be parked at Alaska Park, they are located at 5000 Spenard Rd which is minutes away from Ted Stevens International Airport Rd.

In order to set up an after hours pickup, we recommend giving us a phone call or email to set up your reservation. We will need a photo with the Driver’s License and Insurance Information of the renter sent to us via email before arriving in Anchorage. We also will need the renter to call us prior to travel to pay for the rental in full.

Alaska Park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Once you have your luggage please call 907-222-4002 with your ticket number.

Your ticket number, rental contract and video walk around will be emailed to the email address you provided us.  Your rental agreement will be emailed to you the day of your reservation when we know which vehicle will be assigned to you.

Please check your email when you land in Anchorage.  In the email you will see your ticket number, rental agreement and your video walk around.  We will also text your ticket number to you as well.

After Hours Drop Off:

If you need to return your rental vehicle off after hours, just take the vehicle to Alaska Park and check it in there, let the attendant know that you are with Midnight Sun, and Alaska Park will have shuttles ready at their location to take you to the Airport free of charge.