Drop Off Locations

We offer drop off service at two locations in Alaska, Whittier and Seward

Whittier Drop off information (45 minute drive from Anchorage) cost is $300

When dropping off a vehicle in Whittier, Alaska the parking facility is called Whittier Parking & Camping.  They are located  about two blocks away from the cruise ship terminal.  Their address is 101 Whittier Street.


  1.  Cross the railroad tracks and proceed to Whittier Street

2. Proceed down Whittier Street

3.  Parking Lot is on the right

4. Cost for parking is $10.00


Seward Drop off information (3 hour drive from Anchorage) cost is $400

  1.  Once in Seward, make a left on Port Ave

2.  Go down Port Ave a quarter of a mile then make a right, there is a sign telling you when to make the turn

3.  Parking is a gravel parking lot near the cruise ship terminal

4.  Cruise ship terminal is adjacent to the parking lot