Listed below are some of the most common questions we are asked with their answers.

1.  How long has your company been in business?


We’ve been in the car rental business since 1998

2.  Do you have a shuttle service from Ted Steven’s International Airport to your rental facility?


If our shuttle picks you up from the airport we have to pass along an additional airport concession tax of 14%.  To save money and avoid that tax we recommend taking a taxi to our business, the cost to do so is about $10.00 including a tip.  Usually the driver of the group will take a taxi to our business while the rest of their party is getting the luggage.  We are about 1.5 miles away from the airport and we will do our best to have you in the rental vehicle in about 10 minutes or less.

3.  Are your vehicles new?


Our vehicles are not new, the average age of our fleet is three to five years of age.  A majority of our vehicles are used primarily in the summertime and are in storage for the remainder of the year.

4.  What happens if the rental vehicle has mechanical issues?


We have several solutions to any vehicle problems that may occur.  If it is a minor issue, we will get the vehicle into a shop in the area you are located and have the problem fixed.  If it is a major problem, we will have a rental vehicle towed or brought to you.  

5.  What is your cancellation policy?


Deposits are refundable with 30 days cancellation notice prior to your reservation date

6.  Can I request a specific vehicle?


We rent our vehicles on a rotating schedule therefore we can’t guarantee you will get a specific vehicle.  We will do our best  to get the vehicle you requested but we can’t guarantee it will be available for your reservation.

7.  Do I have to have a credit card to rent from your company?


We accept debit cards under the following circumstances:

a.  You provide proof you own have a full coverage automobile policy including policy number and expiration date

b.  Have a round trip airline ticket

c.  Debit card is able to authorize $200 over the rental bill

8.  Do you have another location besides Anchorage?


No, Anchorage is our only location.  

9.  Do you offer drop off  service?


Yes, we offer drop off service to Seward and Whittier.  The drop off fee for Seward is $350.00 and the drop off fee to Whittier is $250.00.

10.  Is a special drivers license needed to operate the 8-passenger, 12-passenger or 15-passenger vans?


No, a standard class “d” drivers license is all that is required to drive the larger vans.  You do not need a commercial drivers license.

11. Do we offer a military discount?


Unfortunately, during our summer months (June-August) we do not offer any discounts. However, we do offer a 10% military discount during our off-season (September-May).

12. How much is the deposit?


We require a $25 deposit for all of our cars, trucks, and SUV’s, a $100 deposit for our 7, 8, 12, and 15 passenger vans.  

13. What is the cancellation policy in order to get my deposit back?


If you cancel 30 days before your rental date, the deposit will be fully refundable.  

14. Will I lose my car rental if my flight is delayed?


No, you will not lose your reservation, we ask that you call and let us know the new arrival time of your flight.

15.  Can you drop the car off at my hotel?


Unfortunately, we require our customers to come to our office in order to fill out the contract.  

16. Do we offer any sort of shuttle service?


Although we do not normally pick up at the airport, we can drop our customers off at the airport, we just use the same vehicle that you rented from us. We also offer a complimentary shuttle service to and from any local hotel.  

17. Do any of the vans have luggage racks?


Unfortunately, none of our vans have luggage racks.  

18. How many drivers are allowed in one vehicle?


We allow each vehicle two drivers for free, any added drivers will be a flat fee of $10.  

19. How realistic is it that a rock will hit my windshield?


In Alaska, due to our harsh winters, gravel is put down on the road, therefore during the summer time the rocks tend to be kicked up by other vehicles.  

20. Do we offer car seats?


We offer complimentary backless booster seats and forward-facing child car seats.  

21. Do the cars have a GPS system?


Our cars do not have a GPS system, but we offer a GPS for $10 additional per day.

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