Chipped Windshield Protection

In Alaska, we have two official seasons: Winter and Road Construction.  In the wintertime, we use gravel instead of salt, and this gravel is still on the roads when summer rolls around.  It is this gravel that causes the deaths of so many windshields in Alaska. We Alaskans drive with cracked windshields on our personal cars as a badge of honor, but tourists visiting our great state aren’t used to such things.  That’s why we at Midnight Sun Car & Van Rental repair and replace all our windshields on a weekly basis.

We are pleased to offer our Chipped Windshield Protection plan for  $3.oo additional per day.  This protection saves you the cost of repairing a chip (if repairable) at $40.00 per chip, or the cost of replacing the windshield. Some windshields, for instance, our Subaru Outback, can run $600.00 for new glass + installation costs. Our Chipped Windshield Protection plan beats most deductibles if you were to file a claim on your personal insurance coverage.

We hope you will consider this great protection plan when renting one of our vehicles.

This is Ken, the window man. He comes by weekly on what is known as Windshield Wednesday!

Another Wednesday, Another Windshield

Brand New Windshields Ready for Replacement

Rest in Peace, Another windshield bit the dust (June 11th)

5/31/17 Windshield Wednesday

3/22/17 Windshield Wednesday

The chip below is on the passenger window


 3/15/17 Windshield Wednesday

The chip below was fixable (Thank you Lord!!)

Ken the Window Man training his newest employee

3/8/17 Windshield Wednesday

This chip is fixable



Another wonderful Alaskan windshield


 3/1/17 Windshield Wednesday

Subaru Outback-Replacement Cost $600044


 2/27/17 Windshield Wednesday

013 022

2/22/17  Windshield Wednesday



2/15/17  Windshield Wednesday

IMG_5445 IMG_5446